Privacy Policy

The fear of online scam has not subsided completely yet. There is rise in the number of people shopping online so is the fear of getting their information leaked or stolen. We are absolutely aware of the situation and that is why we have come up with a concrete security plan to offer a safe space for our customers.

We are committed to protect your data

Our entire website is protected with SSL security which ensures safe and seamless data storage and transfer. You can fill in your information – personal and banking details – with no fear of the data being leaked to third parties. This ensures transparency which helps customers to have complete faith in us. This also builds a solid foundation between our customers and us.  

Privacy FAQs

1)  Can I trust you in regards with data sharing?

As mentioned earlier, we have protected pour website with SSL security which prevents data sharing or stealing. No third party can access your data once it is being captured by the security software. To ensure you have the best online shopping experience with us, we follow PCI-DSS requirements.

2) Can I trust your drug store?

Yes, you can totally trust us in every aspect. We do not ask for data unnecessarily. We use the data to send you promotional mails which you can unsubscribe from at any given time. Also, we have implemented the best SSL security to protect your data from third parties and hackers.

3) Why do you collect my information for?

No, we do not use your data for advertising. Nonetheless, it is used for operational purposes such as keeping you updated about your purchase via mails and/or calls. Also, we use your data such as email address to send you mails regarding the launching of our new products, discount offers etc.

4) Do you share customers’ data to third parties?

We do not share your information to anyone without your prior permission. However, we are obliged to share your personal and professional data under circumstances where the law is involved. You can get to know more about it through our customer care team.

5) How safe is it to use my credit card?

It is absolutely safe to use your credit card to make the purchase. We have adopted the latest security technology to ensure your credit card details stay safe with us and no third party would ever get access to your information.

My credit card payment status is shown declined. Why is it so?

Generally, it happens when:

  • Your bank doesn’t support foreign transaction
  • Incomplete or failed phone verification
  • Failed auto-verification
  • Maximum number of transactions per day exceeded
  • Insufficient funds

What will happen if my credit card payment gets declined?

When you place an order with us, you receive a verification call within 5 minutes. When the order is not placed successfully, you do not get a call from us. We recommend you check your bank account statement to confirm the transaction.

The issue can be solved over a call provided it is not fraudulent case. We want our customers to know that we do not decline the payment. It’s your bank that does it. We have payment processing gateways in China and European countries. The reason is banks generally do not allow direct purchase of prescription drugs online.

What charges will be visible on my credit card statement?

To prevent any chaos and to allow seamless transaction, charges on the credit card statement will be shown under different merchant name. If you are unsure about doing business with us or wish to know more about this process, please get connected with our customer care team.

Please note: Please do not disclose any information regarding our website such as our website’s name, medicines displayed on it etc. while communicating with the bank executive. You can tell the executive that the transaction is related to online shopping without disclosing our website’s details.